Let It Go

little is needed to make a happy life. so true.:

Moving into a smaller house has been one of the greatest learning experiences for me this year. It has taught me that I don’t need half the clothes I have in my closet, or the ten throw blankets, and lastly all the nonsense I tend to hold on too. If you know me personally you know I’m a sucker for organization, I keep everything nice and tidy. Call it OCD, or clean freak, I’m cool with it. I’m known to keep it all in its place, even my refrigerator has a specific order. (Yikes)! So now that you get the picture, it wasn’t clutter in my house or the need for reorganization. I wanted to give this minimalism thing a shot, of course in my own way. I began going through each room and deciding what was going to make the cut and what wasn’t going to the new house. I ended up repeating this step not once, but two or three times. Honestly, it felt SO great! I got rid of all the things that I just really didn’t use or didn’t serve a purpose. Who really needs 25 picture frames anyways? Not, this girl! I posted stuff on our local Buy and Sell and made over two hundred dollars. Ch-Ching! Now that I am in my new place, I feel more free. All the “stuff” I had accumulated was just “stuff”.  I’ll be honest it was not easy to go through my closet but I’ll tell you that since I have rummaged my closet I haven’t missed a single item. I saw this quote on Pinterest “Very little is needed to make a happy life”. It’s SO true and although it can be interpreted so many ways it certainly applied to this post. I encourage you all to get rid of the “stuff”. Not only will you feel better, you can make some extra cash off of what you no longer use. I have also learned that even though its gone it does not have to be replaced. I am trying to stay clear of Target, Marshall’s, and my fav TJ Max to support this new habit. Less is totally more.

P.S. I will totally come help anyone who wants to try this out or needs help reorganizing! You’ll be so happy with the way it feels to let go.

Helpful tips:

  1. Have you worn it in the last 6 months?
  2. Is it a duplicate?
  3. Do you have room for it?
  4. Would it be used more by someone else?
  5. Why keep books you have already read, chances are you wont read it again.
  6. If you haven’t seen it in a year you wont miss it.
  7. Is it outdated technology?
  8. Ladies, cut the old cosmetics.
  9. Will you miss it?
  10. Is it trash? Be honest.

I know it can be tricky. But YOU can do it. You’ll thank me later!






4 thoughts on “Let It Go

  1. Love this! I need to do a clean sweep of my entire house. Something I haven’t done since we moved in. 😁 Looking forward to your next post. Keep it up, you’re thoughts are a delight to read.

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  2. When I moved back to Springville, I Gave 9 large boxes to the Salvation Army, gave away or sold all my furniture except for an antique dresser and two chairs. What is left is memorabilia (which needs to be organized) and a few boxes of antique cranberry glass. It’s all in a 10X10 storage unit. Nothing in my little 700 sq ft furnished loft is mine, except, clothes, towels, bedding and toiletries. I love it. Stuff overwhelms me and creates chaos.


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