The Truth About Acne

To all my girls who struggle with acne and skin blemishes, you are not alone and this one is for you!

Okay, so hear me out and then I will tell you my new found secret to beautiful skin.

For years I have struggled with acne and I have always been super embarrassed about it especially when all my best friends ( you know who you are, lucky girls) have always had the most gorgeous skin. In high school I think I had my dermatologist on speed dial (sorry doc). My skin has seen it all from the strongest washes, Retin- A, topical creams for morning and night use, constant facials, and the occasional peel. All of which have temporarily helped for awhile and then its back to the dermatologist to try something else. Recently I had a rough batch of hormonal acne, this is commonly seen on the jaw line. I was devastated, acne has a way of making you feel really self-conscious. It got to where leaving the house, especially for social things, seemed like a daunting task. I was wearing WAY more makeup then usual in attempt to hide my skin and I just did not feel good about it. I finally got to a point where I just couldn’t take it anymore and I begin to research and read about other girls who had the same problem. I have known about essential oils and their benefit for awhile now so when I found one known for helping with acne I was hopeful for some relief.  So there I was on a Monday morning before work purchasing my Clary Sage oil with high exceptions. I ordered a DoTerra oil, because it is said to be one of the best brands on the market. I will  get into more things DoTerra in a later blog. But, ladies this stuff is amazing and my skin has done a complete 180 in just two short weeks. No more hormonal acne, blotchy redness, or new breakouts. So for all of you, who are just like me, here are some facts on Clary Sage & also where you can purchase it. I promise you will not regret it, the benefits are endless.


  1. Relieves Menstrual Pain
  2. Supports Hormone Balance
  3. Relieves Insomnia
  4. Reduces Choleterol
  5. Works as a stress reliever
  6. Kills bacteria and infections
  7. Promotes skin health
  8. Aids in digestion

anndddd thats only 8 of them!

Where Can I Buy It (link provided):

DoTerra Website



Helpful hint: If you’re on a budget like me Amazon can save you a few bucks

How I am Using it:

The first week I used it morning and night, not a lot, just a drop or two. I put it on the bottom of my feet or behind my ears. Week two I have been using it once a day in either location. For different symptoms it can be applied in different places. Make sure you don’t over do it, ease in slow, and let your body adjust. You’ll know what to do. If you need help, please feel free to ask. I hope this helps you as much as it did me, you really wont be disappointed.

All my love,





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