New & Improved

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Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Hello everyone!

I am so happy to be back! It’s been so long, but I finally felt like I was in a place to start fresh and re-brand.

so, The Bohemian Belle it is! What is a bohemian belle you might ask?

well Urban Dictionary (creds’ to them) defines bohemian as “Someone who tries to live by the ideals of truth, freedom, love, and all those beautiful-sounding concepts”. They define Belle in all it’s simplicity as beautiful.

So if you’re like me a freedom lovin, Janis Joplin singin’, gypsy soul kinda gal you’re probably a Bohemian Belle too.

My goal for this blog is simple: create a space filled with (my) truths, love, motivation, and keepin’ it real (because honestly the real world can be hard). I want to create a space to empower anyone who reads this online journal of mine.

Lets be friends, lets lift each other up, & encourage and support one another. I think the world needs that. I think we all do.

This time around I want to incorporate DIY’s (home & classroom), recipes, first year teaching, life with Chris, adventures, and of course motivation & inspiration.

I can wait to take you along on this journey! Hopefully one with more consistency. Don’t forget to subscribe below so you never miss a post.




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