What’s Your Story?

What’s your story?

A simple question that has crossed my mind so many times this week after listening to a recent Sunday morning sermon. If I am being 100% honest with you friends, I haven’t made it to a Sunday morning in way to long. But, this message really shook me, you know the ones where you think the Pastor is talking straight to your soul the entire time. It was one of those Sundays for me, and not only was the message amazing, it left me thinking. What is my story? Does the bad & the ugly make people want to run? How can I use it to make personal growth?

owning our story & loving ourselves through that process is the bravest think that we’ll ever do” B.Brown

I know that my story has evolved from being a little girl to a high school teen and now a twenty something year old woman. While a mere 23 years doesn’t seem old to most, I sure can feel the years flying by and my story changing all the time. Maybe this feeling of change stems from my constant craving for new

that’s me, the crazy one in the back & my lifetime sista’ in the front.

adventures or maybe it’s just life and the way it progresses.

When I think about my story I can think of things I’m proud of and things I’m not so proud of. I used to dwell on the past, things I couldn’t change, & the things I didn’t like about myself. Recently I realized that all these things are simply just a part of my story. The good and the bad make me, me. Just like the the things you might wish you could change, make you, you.

Stories are important. Not only do they make you the unique person that you are, they teach you lessons about life, about love, and ultimately about yourself. If you’re like me, then you often get stuck on the negative, so much so you can see the good. I think we carry so much baggage (negative thoughts about ourselves, our shortcomings, our flaws) around with us, we never even realize the weight we are carrying on a day to day basis. We push through the days with this weight, working jobs, fitting in the gym, maintaining a social life and relationships, the list goes on and on. Can you imagine how much lighter you would feel if you just let it go. The past, the insecurities, and the self doubts. Because those things are just as much a part of your story. Changing the way we think about the bad can actually make us see it in a positive light.

Mistakes don’t define you, they make you.

Mistakes don’t hold you back, they set you free.

Let’s stop letting our stories hold us prisoner and instead let them be our voice & our strengths. I’m slowly learning that imperfection is so much better then perfection.

Imperfection is wild & free.


Wild & free is so much more fun then holding yourself hostage in your own story.

Take that “baggage” and set it free. Today, right now. I know your day will be brighter.

You are loved.






14 thoughts on “What’s Your Story?

  1. I really needed to read this! While I’m a little bit ahead in the years department to you (you’re lucky only 23!) but I do often question and dwell on mistakes and question choices. But it’s true, mistakes don’t define you. And you can learn and grow from them.

    Amanda | http://ldnrose.com


  2. This is absolutely amazing and very inspirational. PS I’m also 23 and I think the whole “feeling older than we are” thing is generational, so you’re not alone there! I’d love to see more blogs like this. Great post ❀

    Liked by 1 person

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