Classroom Preview

“The future of the world is in my classroom today”

Oh the nerves are so present as I prepare to meet my first group of kiddos in less then 9 days. This summer I have settled into my very first classroom where I will spend 180 days with my new little friends. I have put up my wall paper, labeled my bins, spent too much money at Target and created a space I am so happy with. I have spent so many hours perfecting and praying over this space that it is starting to feel like my second home). Seriously! I know all you teachers can relate.

It is in this space I get to teach, play, and show love and compassion to a group of first graders. Going into this school year has me filled with what ifs. What if I am not good enough? What if they don’t learn from me? What if I am not ready? But truth be told I know in my heart I have never been more ready to take on this new responsibility. I intend to learn so much this school year alongside my students, I will be tackling new curriculum, classroom management, building student relationships, and a new campus in a new school district. I have read articles, blog posts, and teacher forums to see what I am getting myself into (maybe I shouldn’t have done all that because it is totally  frightening to be NEW). This is a position I have prayed for and know in my heart 100% this is the school and classroom I am meant to be in. Although I am not sure any credential program can fully prepare you for all the tasks that come along with being a teacher, I am prepared to take it week by week and tackle the first year head on with a positive attitude.

I plan on taking the challenge of being present everyday with my students. I want to enjoy every minute of shoe tying, hugs, and little laughs. I am sure there will be days filled with stress, report cards and maybe tears of my own but I will continue to pray that the kids in my classroom go home knowing they are loved and they are valued. I pray they will learn much more then just curriculum but they learn to love school, be a good friend, and build character that will help them succeed in the years to come.

I have known for awhile that teaching is where my heart is and I hope I never lose passion for it. While I am scared of failures this year and everything that could go wrong, I know that it will only prepare me for the future and what is still to come. If you’re stepping out of your comfort zone like me soon, message me (even if it’s not teaching), I will pray for you. You are not alone & you can do it.

“I can do anything through God who gives me strength” Philippians 4:13

I will be writing this verse on a post it note and sticking it in my calender this year and also on my mirror so I see it every morning. I encourage you to do the same. Take a picture and #thebohemianblonde so I know I am not alone.

I would appreciate any prayers, teacher advice, etc.

Cheers to year one! Welcome back to school to all the teachers, you are appreciated & you are loved.

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14 thoughts on “Classroom Preview

    1. You’re going to be absolutely AMAZING. You have every gift that makes a great teacher. I’ll be praying for a successful, fulfilling 1st year!!! ” GO Ms. DeLussa”…you’ve got this…. !!!❤❤❤❤ I love the “woodsy” touchs in your classroom 😁🌲✔

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  1. Hey girl! I am going to call you soon and give you some advice on awesome books to read as a new teacher. Also, just some things I learned over the year as a new first grade teacher! Can’t wait to talk! 🙂 You will be an incredible teacher!

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