#goals but not the ones where you are comparing yourself to someone else (even though I do it all the time). I am talking New Year goals– or resolutions but #goals was way more catchy. I think I have mentioned before that I love New Year’s Day for exactly what it is a new year. I think the concept of setting goals for yourself is so awesome and I get so annoyed when people make fun of the idea. I set new goals every year, usually twice a year because I also like to set them on my birthday. Anytime I get the opportunity to challenge myself I go for it. My sophomore year of high school I set a goal to not drink soda. It was more of a challenge, how long can I do it type of thing, and here I am almost 10 years later and can say I don’t drink soda. I think the idea of adding challenge to something makes it more appealing and easier to accomplish. Last year I set lots of goals for myself and I am not afraid to admit that some of them did not get accomplished. So, this year I am keeping it simple. Three goals. I am really rolling with the less is more idea. Three small goals with big intentions on keeping them all this year. I want to share those goals for two reasons. 1) to inspire you to set them & 2) for some accountability.

So here is my big 3

  1. Take better care of my skin (inspired by one of my beautiful friends Tineasha, thanks girl). This includes more moisturizer, less time spent in the sun without sunscreen & more facials.

2. Be present in all things & focus on each moment I am given. As a girl who is very future orientated this is always a goal I like to set. It’s just a great reminder to take each day as it comes, the good and the bad.

3. Save more-spend less (at Target, my vice). But seriously. I know I am not the only one who spends too much at that place.

2017 might not have been your year, or maybe it was but you are just ready for a new start. Wherever it is you are at in this moment I pray the coming year is filled with love, happiness, and good health for you. Sending warm wishes to you all. Thank you for taking the time to read this personal journal of mine. It means more than you know. You are so loved & appreciated. Don’t forget it.

P. S Do you set New Years goals? Are you thinking about setting New Years goals? Drop them in the comment box. Lets connect! I would love to help with accountability.





4 thoughts on “#goals

  1. First of all, as your esthetician grandmother, I must say I’m sorry I haven’t inspired you to take care of your skin but I’m happy to hear that Tinesha did. Guess I’d better step up my game😍
    I have 2 goals. #1. To attend yoga classes regularly and go on walks daily. #2. To also be present everyday. We are a lot alike that I’ve always looked ahead . Im going to try to enjoy each day❤️
    Thank you for giving me things to think about . Your never to old to change😘
    Love you sooo much😘

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