first grade in room 11

collaborative learning

Welcome to our Classroom

You’ll often find me walking on to campus at 6:45 in the morning, wheat waffle and cup of coffee in hand while I scramble with my key card and 3-4 bags full of things I have taken home to accomplish the night before. This is exactly how I have come to love my life… a little messy.

As I sit on my couch on a Friday night working on lesson plans, I am reminiscing on my first five months of teaching this year. Oh yes, my first graders have given me a run for my money many times. I have posted about my tears, fears, and struggles as a new teacher but I don’t think I have painted an accurate portrait of teaching to those who keep up with this online journal of mine. Teaching is something I have come to fall more and more in love with since I started this journey. This has not been an easy journey with the long list of hoops required to obtain a teaching credential (CBEST, CSET & RICA teacher friends you know all about this). But, teaching is so much more then a good schedule and great benefits. I hear it all the time “you have the best schedule, summers and holidays off” and while yes, that is true and totally awesome, teaching is so much more then the perks. I will tell you now that I do not teach because of the schedule. I do not teach because its what I have always wanted to do (its actually not at all, and wasn’t in my plans). I do not teach because I am really good at it or think I am good at it for that matter. If we are being honest I am such a rookie in the education world. Offering nothing more then my best effort on most days. I often remind myself that the kids in room 11 are safe and most days all content with being at school (big win in my book). I teach because I truly believe it is my purpose in this crazy world. I often ask Jesus what on earth he got me into with this profession. If you’re in it, you know its hard. If you’re not I have repeated it so many times you’re thinking I get the point and for that I am sorry.

2017 has blessed me beyond measure and what I have learned as a new teacher is everything is messy. Desks are messy, paint is messy, 6 year old kids can have messy home life’s, and anything food related is going to be messy.  I have transformed to a woman who hated messy to a woman who embraces it every single day.

When I first started this school year, let me tell you, I had BIG expectations for myself and for my kiddos. I was going to be the teacher who had it ALL together. My kids would be well behaved, my lessons would be perfect, and my classroom would feel like home everyday. Needless to say that’s not exactly how things have played out this school year (LOL with me now). In fact it has been much more of some kids being well behaved, lessons being adjusted on the fly, and sometimes a classroom that feels less then homey.

Looking ahead to school returning and spending a mere 20 something weeks with my first group of kiddos already has me sad. I don’t know how much they have learned these first few months, but I know they have taught me more then I could have imagined. We laugh, sometimes cry, and try new things everyday. They have opened my eyes to see our community in a new light. Taught me how to be silly and stern (at times). Tested my patience and filled my heart with so much joy. But most importantly I have seen the grace of Jesus through their little eyes as they forgive me for stumbling, changing things that don’t work, and sometimes losing my patience and forgetting they are six years young.

I am so honored to be a teacher and it is a role I don’t take lightly. I thank God everyday for blessing me with this path and leading me to where I am. I read a saying the other day, “blessed to

my crazy turkey’s

be stressed” a simple change on a commonly used saying “too blessed to be stressed”. It’s silly how a small play on words can affect the meaning. I am ending 2017 so blessed to be sometimes stressed. Blessed to love what I do every single day, and blessed to sometimes want to pull my hair out at the end of the day. I am embracing the messiness of life the older I get and love how God works in such mysterious ways molding us into who we are supposed to be.

 What has you feeling blessed as we get ready to start a new year? I would love to hear some responses, lets connect!





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